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  • Bruno FAJAL, Charles KRAEMER, Vincent CARPENTIER, 6 February 2013 | 15 June 2009

    A large number of French-anguage websites dealing with medieval archaeology are examined in this section, without pre-selection or prejudgement, whether these be personal websites, sites of organisations constructed by amateur archaeological enthusiasts, or institutional pages placed online by universities, by the CNRS, DRAC (regional organisations dedicated to cultural affairs) or other organisations dealing with regional archaeology. Nonetheless, only those sites which provide full documentation and details of their methodology will be listed and analysed.

    - Répertoire: (Bruno FAJAL, Charles KRAEMER, Vincent CARPENTIER)

    - Publications :Micaël ALLAINGUILLAUME (CNRS, CRAHAM-UMR 6273), Bruno FAJAL (CNRS, CRAHAM-UMR 6273), Charles KRAEMER (EA 1132, HISCANT-MA, Université de Lorraine)

    - Funerary archaeology : Cécile NIEL (Centre Michel de Boüard).

    - Archaeology and Geographical Information Systems : Éric BROINE (Centre Michel de Boüard).

    - Environmental archaeology : Vincent CARPENTIER (Centre Michel de Boüard).

    - Archaeology et numismatic : Thibault CARDON et Pierre-Marie GUIHARD (CRAHAM, Centre Michel de Boüard).

    - Castle Archaeology : Charles KRAEMER (EA 1132, HISTCANT-MA, université de NANCY II)

    This section would like to be lively, interactive and open to any suggestions or proposals from the readers.

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