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  • Ouest des Etats-Unis

    Jeff HARTMAN, 24 janvier 2011

    Dans l’ouest des États-Unis, les collections médiévales sont dominées par celles de l’Université de Californie et de nombre de grandes bibliothèques privées. Cependant, on en trouve également dans les bibliothèques d’autres grandes institutions de recherche.

    - Californie
    - Colorado
    - Oregon
    - Utah
    - Washington

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  • Californie

    Jeff HARTMAN, 24 janvier 2011

    - University of California, Berkeley
    Bancroft Library
    (510) 642-3781
    Catalogue online

    Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library
    Phone : (510) 642-2623
    Fax : (510) 642-8237

    Robbins Collection
    School of Law
    Boalt Hall
    Berkeley, California 94720-6000
    Phone : (510) 642-5095
    Fax : (510) 643-8770

    Subjects covered : Classics, Early Print, English Literature, Egypt, French Vernacular Romances, Legal documents, Music, Theology
    Volumes : 35,000 papyrus fragments, ca. 300 B.C.-300 A.D. ; 385 codices, over 850 leaves and 100 other documents, and over 400 incunabula
    Description of collections
    Access to documents : Open to the public with registration

    - University of California, Los Angeles
    Charles E. Young Research Library
    Department of Special Collections
    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575
    Phone : 310.825.4988
    Fax : 310.206.1864

    Subjects covered : Islam, Italy, Medicine, Old Norse
    Volumes : 213 codices, 244 leaves, 185 documents, and 484 incunabula. The Belt Library of Vinciana and the Biomedical Library hold an additional 103 incunabula

    A complete finding aid to the collection is available online. The Minasian Collection of Arabic and Persian manuscripts is one of the most extensive post-classical Islamic manuscript collections in the United States. The collections include approximately 15,000 manuscripts in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish, primarily in the fields of medicine, literature, philology, theology, law, and history, and ranging from the 11th through the 19th centuries, though with an emphasis on the studies of theologians and scholars at centers of learning in Iran during the 17th and 18th centuries. The collection is especially notable for works of Shiite theology, Arabic and Persian language and literature, and Islamic science and philosophy.

    The Orsini Family Papers constitute a significant portion of the private archive of one the oldest and most prominent families in Italian history. The archive consists of 540 boxes of documents dating from 1300 to 1950 and includes several hundred maps and plans of the family’s feudal holdings, palaces, and castles.

    The Richard and Mary Rouse Manuscript Collection can be seen online.

    Access to documents : Many of the department’s holdings are stored off-site at the Southern Regional Library Facility. Readers are advised to request materials in advance in order to avoid delays when coming to campus. To submit advance paging requests, call the department’s reference desk at 310.825.4988 or send an email at least five working days prior to the date of the expected visit ; include a phone number with all requests.

    - California State Library
    Sutro Branch
    480 Winston Dr.
    San Francisco, California 94132
    Phone : (415) 731-4477
    Fax : (415) 557-9325

    Subjects covered : Age of exploration, Italy, Legal documents, Philosophy
    Volumes : 170 manuscripts and 55 incunabula.
    Access to documents : Open to the public with registration.

    - The Claremont Colleges
    Honnold/Mudd Library
    Special Collections
    800 Dartmouth Avenue
    Claremont, CA 91711
    Phone : (909) 607-3977
    Fax : (909) 621-8629

    Ella Strong Denison Library
    1090 Columbia Avenue
    Claremont, CA 91711
    Phone : (909) 607-3941
    Fax : (909) 607-1548

    Subjects covered : Italian Renaissance, Oxford University, History of the book
    Volumes : 64 codices, 57 leaves, and over 250 incunabula

    In the Honnold Library, the Bodman Italian Renaissance Collection contains 170 incunabula and a number of late medieval manuscripts. The Oxford Collection is comprised of books on philosophy, religion, and science at Oxford from the 13th century to present times including 16th century imprints of the Oxford University Press. The John I. Perkins Collection at Denison library contains important resources for the study of the history of the book : cuneiform tablets, papyrus and palm leaf books, thirteenth to sixteenth century illuminated manuscripts, and incunabula.

    Access to documents : Open to the public with registration.

    - J. Paul Getty Museum of Art
    Manuscripts Department
    1200 Getty Center Dr.
    Suite 1000
    Los Angeles, California
    Phone : (310) 440-7034
    Fax : (310) 440-7744

    The Getty Research Institute
    Special Collections
    1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 1100
    Los Angeles, California
    Phone : (310) 440-7335
    Fax : (310) 440-7776

    Subjects covered : Architecture, Art, Devotional texts, History, Philosophy, Theology
    Volumes : As of 20 November 2005, this collection reported holdings of 198 manuscripts, 31 codices, 88 documents, four leaves, one roll, a collection of documents, and 27 incunabula

    Some of the museum’s manuscript collection is available, with descriptions, online. The research institute collection also contains photographs and drawings of archaeological sites throughout Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

    Access to documents : Access is available to University faculty, graduate students, curators, and other scholarly researchers with registration as Stack Readers. Privileges are granted after submission of application, and those qualifying for Extended Reader status may be eligible for use of the library during extended hours. More information is available here.

    - Graduate Theological Union
    Special Collections
    2400 Ridge Road
    Berkeley, CA 94709
    Phone : 510.649.2501

    Subjects covered : Reformation, Theology
    Volumes : 10,000 books and pamphlets, 1300 linear feet of archival and manuscript material. The collection spans the medieval period and the modern era, with an emphasis on the Reformation.

    Access to documents : Open to the public with registration

    - The Huntington Library
    1151 Oxford Road
    San Marino, CA 91108
    Phone : 626.405.2100
    Fax : 626-449-5703
    Catalogue online

    Subjects covered : Middle English literature, Early Modern England, English aristocracy, Incunabula
    Volumes : Over 400 codices, approximately 5000 deeds, accounts, legal documents and other pre-1600 English estate records, and over 5000 incunabula, the largest collection in the US outside of the Library of Congress.

    Access to Documents : Registered readers only. Information can be found here

    - Stanford University
    Cecil H Green Library
    Rare Books and Special Collections
    557 Escondido Mall
    Stanford, California 94305-6063

    Subjects : Early Print, History of the Book, Early Modern Maps
    Volumes : 41 codices, 287 leaves, and approximately 200 incunabula

    Access to documents : Open to the public with registration.
    Materials are located in remote facilities, patrons must request materials two full business days before planned date of use. In some cases, paging may take up to a week.

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  • Colorado

    Jeff HARTMAN, 24 janvier 2011

    - University of Colorado, Boulder
    Library Special Collections
    1720 Pleasant Street
    Boulder, CO 80309-0184
    Phone : 303-492-6144
    Fax : 303-492-1881

    Subjects covered : Devotional texts, Legal documents, Music
    Volumes : 7 codices, approximately 200 manuscript leaves, and 15 incunabula.
    Access to documents : Public, with registration.

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  • Oregon

    Jeff HARTMAN, 24 janvier 2011

    - University of Oregon
    Special Collections and University Archives
    1299 University of Oregon Libraries
    Eugene, Oregon 97403-1299
    Phone : (541) 346-3068
    Fax : (541) 346-1882

    Subjects covered : Classics, Devotional texts, Islam, Theology
    Volumes : Approximately 60 manuscripts and 52 incunabula.
    Access to documents : Open to the public with registration

    - Mount Angel Abbey
    One Abbey Drive
    St. Benedict, Oregon 97373
    Phone : (503) 845-3317
    Fax : (503) 845-3500

    Subjects covered : Classics, Philosophy, Theology
    Volumes : 25 codices, 63 leaves, and 4 incunabula

    The Patristics and Latin Christian Literature Collection is a research collection containing the primary editions and scholarly tools needed to do advanced research in Patristics and Medieval philosophy and theology.

    Access to documents : Application and registration required. See here

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  • Utah

    Jeff HARTMAN, 24 janvier 2011

    - Brigham Young University
    L. Tom Perry Special Collections Library
    1130 Harold B. Lee Library
    Provo, Utah 84602
    Phone : (801) 422-3514
    Fax : (801) 422-0461

    Subjects covered : Diplomacy, Reformation, Science, Theology
    Volumes : 61 codices (nine of which are Arabic), 57 leaves, a box of miscellaneous Hebrew and Arabic fragments, several collections of archival documents, and approximately 450 incunabula.

    For the Renaissance period, this collection emphasizes European diplomacy, political treatises, French political pamphlets from 1550 to 1650 (2,500 in total), and major editions of classical Greek and Latin authors. For the Reformation period, the library collects works written by the major religious figures of the time, including Martin Luther (95 separate pamphlets), Philip Melanchton, John Calvin, John Wesley, Savonarola, Erasmus, and Thomas More.

    Access to documents : Researchers are required to complete an Advanced Reader form and request an on-site interview with a Special Collection curator.

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  • Washington

    Jeff HARTMAN, 24 janvier 2011

    - University of Washington
    Allen Library
    Special Collections Division
    Box 352900
    Seattle, Washington 98195-2900
    Phone : (206) 543-1929
    Fax : (206) 543-1931

    Subjects covered : Book arts, Devotional texts, History, Music, Theology
    Volumes : 20 codices, 222 leaves, and 21 incunabula.

    Some of the library’s manuscript collection can be viewed online as part of its Book Arts database.

    Access conditions
    See for more details.
    Access to documents : Open to the public with registration. Advance notice is recommended to ensure availability of materials.

    - Washington State University
    Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
    P.O. Box 645610
    Pullman, Washington 99164-5610
    Phone : (509) 335-6691
    Fax : (509) 335-6721

    Subjects covered : Classics, Devotional texts, Law, Music, Theology
    Volumes : One codex, 132 leaves, and 54 incunabula.

    Some of the library’s early print collection can be viewed online

    Access to documents : Open to the public with registration

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