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  • Tania COLWELL, 11 May 2009

    Contrary to what one might expect, research in medieval studies is conducted actively across Australia. Each state is home to many universities, several of which offer medieval studies courses in different disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Australian students are free to select the university of their choice to pursue their medieval research, subject to the usual entry conditions. In addition to tertiary institutions, Australia is home to a range of research centres and academic associations concerned primarily with medieval studies, and numerous galleries and museums contain at least a small collection of medieval artefacts, including manuscripts and paintings.

    In recent years, research in the medieval and early modern periods in Australia has been strengthened by an initiative, sponsored by the federal government, entitled the Australian Research Council Network for Early European Research (ARC NEER). Based at the University of Western Australia in Perth, the Network provides a multi-layered structure within which scholars and students can engage in dialogue about their research in a range of formal and informal contexts, including conferences, symposia, training seminars, and an online mentoring scheme. Network members can stay in contact with each other electronically by means of an online communication forum known as Confluence. In addition, ARC NEER is currently developing a series of digital resources to archive the results of research produced within Australia and to catalogue collections of medieval objects held within the country. The Network actively fosters collaborative research between scholars within Australia and internationally, particularly across the United Kingdom, Northern America, and continental Europe, including via CARMEN.

    These pages offer an introduction to the resources available to medieval scholars in Australia. They are by no means exhaustive, and I would welcome any suggestions for their improvement and expansion.

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