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Fourteenth-Century Authors

  • Aude MAIREY, 30 August 2011

    - John Gower († 1408)

    • The site of the International John Gower Society proposes, in particular, a full bibliography, easy to search.
    • The Gower Project was initiated by a group of scholars specialized in Gower. It is a collaborative website which also means to be a guide to the online resources.
    • Luminarium also dedicates a page to Gower.
    • Confessio Amantis, CME and E-Text, ed. G.C. Macaulay (1899-1902) ; TEAMS, ed. R.A. Peck, 2000-2004.
    • In Praise of Peace, TEAMS, ed. K. Forni, 2005 (in The Chaucerian Apocrypha) et TEAMS, ed. M. Livingston, 2005.
    • The Minor Latin Works, TEAMS, ed. and tr. R.F. Yeager, 2005.

    - Walter Hilton († 1396)

    • The Scale of Perfection (books I and II), TEAMS, ed. T.H. Bestul, 2000.
    • Treatise written to a devout man, CCEL, ed. H. Plantinga, 1995, from a 1901 edition.
    • The Songs of Angel, CCEL, modernized version by H. Plantinga, 1997.

    - William Langland (ca. 1330-1387)

    • Piers Plowman (B version), CME et E-Text, ed. A.V.C. Schmidt, 1978 (it is the most used edition for this version).

    - Julian of Norwich (1342-ca. 1416)

    • Revelations of Divine Love, CCEL, ed. G. Warrack, 1901
    • The Shewings, TEAMS, ed. G.R. Crampton, 1994.

    - Thomas Usk

    • R. Allen Shoaf, the editor of the work of Thomas Usk, maintains a page on this author and has also made a translation of the text.
    • The Testament of Love, TEAMS, ed. R. Allen Shoaf, 1998.

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