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  • Via Pignolo, 76
    24100 Bergamo
    tél : 035.248772

    The library of the museum has 23 Ethiopian manuscripts, donated by Mgr. Giuseppe Mojoli (mss. 1-22), internuncio apostolic in Ethiopia from 1960 to 1969, and from Mgr. Adriano Bernareggi (ms. 23), archbishop of Bergam. Most of these codices are liturgical books. They are modern, except for a Psalter from the 18th c. (ms. 1).

    It keeps also 652 magical scrolls given by Sandro Angelini, Italian architect who worked on several restoration projects in Ethiopia during the 1960s’ (Gondar, Lalibela).

    - RAINERI, Osvaldo
    1982 : « I manoscriti etiopici del museo diocesano di Bergamo », Atti dell’Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Rendiconti, série 8, 37, pp. 263-298.

    - RAINERI, Osvaldo
    1990 : Catalogo dei rotoli protettori etiopici della collezione Sandro Angelini, Roma.

    Anaïs WION, 17 November 2013
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