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  • Ägyptisches Museum

    Anaïs WION, 30 July 2013

    (visit) Lustgarten / Museumsinsel

    (mail) Bodestrasse 1-3
    10178 Berlin

    The museum has one manuscript (magical scroll)

    - SIX, Veronika
    1994 : VOHD XX, 6, pp. 169-170.

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  • Museum für Völkerkunde – Ethnologisches Museum

    Anaïs WION, 30 July 2013

    Ethnologisches Museum
    (Visit) : Lansstraße 8
    (Mail) : Arnimallee 27
    14195 Berlin

    19 manuscripts (including 12 scrolls) entered in the collection after 1932 (cp. with Zanutto, 1932, p. 51) :

    - SIX, Veronika
    1994 : VOHD XX, 6, pp. 169-170.

    For codices with decoration, see also :
    - HAMMERSCHMIDT, Ernst & JÄGER, Otto
    1968 : VOHD XV, pp. 120-121, 156-158, 161-162, 190-191, 194-195, 202-203, 209-215, 231-232.

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  • Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preussischer Kulturbesitz

    Anaïs WION, 12 May 2017 | 30 July 2013

    Visite : Postdamer Str. 33
    10785 Berlin (Tiergarten)
    Courrier : Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
    10772 Berlin

    The department of oriental manuscripts has edited a book presenting all the collections :

    2004 : Die Sammlung der orientalischen Handschriften der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin : Geschichte, Bestandsstruktur und aufgabenorientierte Bedeutung im nationalen Rahmen, Berlin, Logos.

    There would be 335 Ethiopian manuscripts, including magic scrolls.

    They are progressively digitized and accessible online, throught the Digitalisierte Sammlungen, under the global search key "Äthiopische Sammelhandschrift".

    - DILLMANN, August
    1878 : Verzeichnis der abessinischen Handschriften, Berlin, Königliche Akademie der Wissenschaften - G. Vogt (Die Handschriften-Verzeichnisse der königlichen Bibliothek zu Berlin, Band 3).

    This catalogue describes 87 manuscripts. The first manuscripts were purchased from Theodorus Petraeus following the orders of Frederick William the Elector in 1682. As to the different resources gathered by the royal library of Berlin in 1878, see Zanutto, 1932, p. 49.

    - FLEMMING, Johannes
    1906 : « Die neue Sammlung abessinischer Handschriften auf der Königlichen Bibliothek zu Berlin », Zentralblatt für Bibliothekswesen, 23, pp. 7-21.

    70 manuscripts and 10 magic scrolls acquired in 1905 on the northern highlands of Ethiopia by the author during the ambassadorship of F. Rosen to Menelik II and deposited at the library of Berlin. Flemming indicates, if not the places, at least the regions where he has acquired the manuscripts. A study by Anaïs Wion on the way those manuscripts were collected can be found here.

    - CHAÎNE, Marius
    1912 : « Inventaire sommaire des manuscrits éthiopiens de Berlin acquis depuis 1878 », Revue de l’Orient Chrétien, 2e série, t. 7 (17), p. 45-68.

    M. Chaîne lists 70 manuscripts, describing briefly their formal appearance (dimensions, number of folios, etc.) and their content to give an idea of the new acquisitions of the library since Dillmann’s catalogue. It seems that he does not know the text of Flemming (1906). In any case, he clearly demonstrates that no manuscript was added to the collection between 1878 and 1895.
    All the manuscripts that are listed here are described in the VOHD XX, 4.

    - HAMMERSCHMIDT, Ernst & SIX, Veronika
    1983 : VOHD XX, 4

    This catalogue describes Ethiopian manuscripts acquired by the Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz between 1895 and 1983 (see the introduction of Pr. Emmi Kähler-Meyer, p. 7). They are 168 in number. We shall take note of the fact that no manuscript has entered the collection between 1878, date of the Dillman’s catalogue, and 1895.
    This catalogue includes the description of the manuscripts acquired by Johannes Flemming in 1906 for the former royal library of Berlin (Königliche Bibliothek zu Berlin).
    The rest of the collection consists of:
    - 50 manuscripts acquired in Ethiopia by Enno Littmann during his research mission in Ethiopia, between January and March 1906, with the Deutsche Aksum Expedition.
    - The remaining 48 manuscripts have entered into the collection progressively, the catalogue not giving any further information on the matter.
    A large proportion of the Berlin collection has therefore been constituted by researchers and travellers on the one hand and by step by step acquisitions.

    Veronika Six has then followed up on the progressive cataloging of new acquisitions by the library.

    - SIX, Veronika
    1994 : VOHD XX, 6

    - pp. 157-167 : 4 new manuscripts.
    - pp. 499-510 : 8 new manuscripts.
    - To which must be added 26 manuscripts of the private collection of Pr. Ernst Hammerschmidt (manuscripts acquired between 1962 and 1969, in Addis Abäba, Aksum, Lalibäla, Gondär and the islands of the lake Tana [Daga Estifanos, Rema Mädhänä Aläm, Däbrä Maryam]) described as such and that have then entered in the Berlin Library (see pp. 8, 167-168, 341-381), with the exception of two of them that are pictures of a manuscript of the monastery of Däbrä Gännät in Jerusalem bound into two volumes.
    - Lastly has been added the collection of the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek of the ex-GDR that has been transferred to the Staatsbibliothek in 1991, described pp. 126-156 (21 manuscripts described here, two others having already been described in the A. Dillman catalogue under numbers 68 and 66 [mss. Pet. II, N 45 and ms.Or. Fol. 117]).

    - SIX, Veronika
    1999 : VOHD XX, 3, pp. 442-449

    5 new manuscripts.

    - SIX, Veronika
    2001 : « Neuerwerbung einer äthiopischen Handschrift durch die Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz Berlin », Aethiopica 4, pp. 179–181.

    - SIX, Veronika
    2003 : « Neuerwerbung einer äthiopischen Handschrift durch die Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preußischer Kulturbesitz », Aethiopica 6, pp. 192–195.

    - SIX, Veronika
    2005 : „Zwei äthiopische Handschriften als Geschenk des Museums für Völkerkunde Hamburg an die Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz“, Aethiopica 8, pp. 170-173

    The Staatsbibliothek preserves moreover a set of 182 microfilms done at the beginning of the 1970’s by Ernst Hammerschmidt at lake Tana (in the churches of Kebran Gabriel, Däbrä Maryam, Rema Mädhänä Aläm and Daga Estifanos as well as a manuscript of Qwärata Wälättä Pétros) to which must be added the manuscripts of Gondär (two of them from the Mädhänä Aläm Church and another from Qaha Iyäsus).
    - This collection is labelled “Tanasee”, each microfilm having been attributed a Tanasee serial number as well as a number that classifies it in the library of the church from where it originates.

    1973 : Äthiopische Handschriften vom Tanasee I: Reisebericht und Beschreibung der Handschriften in dem Kloster des heiligen Gabriel auf der Insel Kebran, Wiesbaden, Franz Steiner (VOHD XX, 1).

    1977 : Äthiopische Handschriften vom Tanasee II: Die Handschriften von Dabra Maryam und von Rema, Wiesbaden, Franz Steiner (VOHD XX, 2).
    Book review : S. Strelcyn, Journal of Semitic Studies, 1977, 22

    After the death of Ernst Hammerschmidt in 1993, the cataloging work was completed by Veronika Six:

    - SIX, Veronika
    1999 : VOHD XX, 3.

    For the manuscripts comprising of decorative elements, see also:
    - HAMMERSCHMIDT, Ernst & JÄGER, Otto
    1968 : VOHD XV : see manuscripts under : Deutsche Staatsbibliothek, Marburg (Staatsbibliothek) and Tübingen (Depot der Staatsbibliothek-Universitätsbibliothek), pp. 45-54, 85-86, 100-108, 120, 123-124, 155-156, 161, 183-185, 189-190, 194, 198, 200-209, 227-231 (il s’agit des mss. or. fol. 3074 et 3075, or. quart. 994, 1015, 1018 (1 à 9), or. oct. 59, 199, 220, 554, 555, 992, 1264, 1266, 1270, 1275, 1300, 1302, 2886, 2910, 2911, 3029, 3739, 3989).

    1977 : Illuminierte Handschriften der Staatsbibliothek Preußicher Kulturbesitz und Handschriften vom Tanasee, Graz, Akademische Druck und Verlagsanstalt (Codices Aethiopici I).

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