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Bibliographies and reviews

  • Aude MAIREY, 23 August 2015 | 15 December 2010


    • The Bibliography of British and Irish history, in restricted access on Brepols website, is presented here.

    Bibliography of Irish Linguistics and Literature
    Origin: School of Celtic Studies - Dublin Institute for advanced studies

    This page proposes an important bibliography, not only on Middle Ages, for linguistic and literary fields, sources included, online or in pdf format. Nevertheless, there is no search engine, only indexes.

    Online Medieval Sources Bibliography
    Origin: Center For Medieval Studies, Fordham University (New York).
    Editor: Maryanne Kowaleski ; Assistant Editor : Morgan Kay.

    Bibliographical database of printed medieval sources, currently centred on England, France and Irland. Nevertheless, it should be developped for other European countries.

    The French of England
    Origin: Center For Medieval Studies, Fordham University (New York) and University of York.

    The website presents the projects and the publications of these two universities, but it is mostly of interest for its bibliography on the French of England.

    OEN Bibliography
    Origine : International Society of Anglo-Saxonists

    This bibliography compiled by the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists includes 23000 references between 1973 and 2009. Numerous kinds of researches are possible. Access is free but only after registration.


    The Medieval Review
    Origin: Michighan University (Kalamazoo)

    Online books reviews since 1993. A search by year is possible.

    Reviews in History
    Origin: Institute of Historical Research (London).

    Online books reviews since 1996, by the Institute of Historical Research.

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