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  • General Libraries in Israel

    Gili SHALOM, 31 January 2016 | 22 January 2010

    - The National Library of Israel
    The Jewish National and University Library is the central library of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as well as serving as the national library of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Its collections of Hebraica and Judaica are the largest in the world. As the central and largest library of the Hebrew University, it is also the oldest section of the university. Founded in 1892 as a world center for the preservation of books relating to Jewish thought and culture, it assumed the additional functions of a general university library in 1920. The Library includes collections of ancient maps of the Holy Land, and its manuscripts department contains 9,000 Hebrew manuscripts covering all fields of Jewish life and thought and 2,000 Arabic manuscripts.

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  • Online Libraries in Israel

    Gili SHALOM, 31 January 2016 | 22 January 2010

    - Online collections
    The National library includes a number of online collections with relevance for medieval scholars. This includes the website for the Eran Laor Map Collection, housing numerous antique maps, atlases, travel books and guides with special emphasis on Jerusalem and the Holy Land.
    The Manuscripts Department has a digitalizing program which include some well-known Medieval manuscripts such as the Worms Mahzor and the Second Nuremberg Haggada
    General access to digitized manuscripts

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  • Notes et adresses des liens référencés

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