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Digital Library

  • Slawomir SZYLLER, 20 December 2019 | 7 September 2009

    In recent years, several dozen virtual (digital) libraries have come online in Poland. In general, they are linked to traditional libraries, and some of these are discussed on the page General libraries. To be found below are a number of others, put together by other institutions or by groups of libraries.

    - Wielkopolska Biblioteka Cyfrowa - Digital Library of Wielkopolska
    Languages: Polish, French, English, German, Czech
    This site presents works preserved in at Poznan: the university library, state archives, library of the Polish academy of sciences at Kórnik and others. Among the several hundreds of manuscripts a few are medieval. [1].

    - Wirtualna Biblioteka Literatury Polskiej - Virtual Library of Polish Literature
    Languages: Polish, English
    The classics of Polish literature, in text form. The texts (in Polish) are accompanied with good biographical and bibliographical notes, in both English and Polish.

    - Federacja Bibliotek Cyfrowych - Federation of Digital Libraries
    Languages: Polish, English
    The federation includes 140 digital libraries. Amongst other things, it provides readers with a single search engine for all the member libraries (6,600,000 digitised works, including 2,600 medieval) [2].

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  • Notes et adresses des liens référencés

    [1This digital library uses the driver dLibra, which is very popular in Poland. This is in some ways convenient, in that the mode of operation is always the same, but it also inconvenient, since before you can view images, you will need to install the programme dLibra (which is, however, free).

    [2To search specifically for manuscripts, choose Advanced Search, Type and type in the word ‘rekopis’ (i.e. manuscript).

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