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  • Annick GAGNE, Kouky FIANU, Kristin BOURASSA, 7 March 2017

    In Canada, university teaching is the responsibility of provincial governments, and each university can establish its own programs. Most institutions offer undergraduate courses covering the medieval period in their given discipline (history, languages and literatures, music, etc.)

    Undergraduate Degrees in Medieval Studies

    Since the 1980s, interdisciplinary initiatives have flourished in the form of undergraduate programs bringing together courses from multiple departments, enabling students to study for either a minor or a major in Medieval Studies or Medieval and Renaissance Studies. The disciplines in question are usually history, philosophy, and English literature. One individual, usually a professor involved in the program and serving on a rotational basis, coordinates each institution’s program. The following list indicates universities, organized broadly by province from East to West, offering interdisciplinary undergraduate programs. More details about the programs and their requirements are available at the links provided.

    This section, produced by Kouky Fianu (University of Ottawa), Kristin Bourassa (Centre for Medieval Literature, Odense/York) and Annick Gagné, (Université Laval-Université de Poitiers), provides a starting point for locations and individuals involved in medieval studies teaching and research in Canada. It also includes some information about medieval studies associations, museums, and libraries, as well as journals of particular interest to medievalists. This is not an exhaustive list, and any supplementary information is very welcome.

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