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Collegeville, Minnesota

  • Anaïs WION, 4 juin 2017 | 12 septembre 2013

    The Ethiopian documents are gathered at the Ethiopian Study Center.

    The first HMML project concerning Ethiopian manuscripts gathered a collection of 10000 microfilms of manuscripts preserved at Ethiopian libraries (see the description of this project in : National Archives and Library of Ethiopia or here, this institution being the only one having all the microfilms). In 2005, the digitization project called the ’Ethiopian Manuscript Imaging Project’- EMIP has allowed HMML to complete its collection of microfilms of Ethiopian manuscripts (1-7637 with omissions) by digitizing the rest of the collection (up to the numb. 10000) that is available at the National Library of Ethiopia.

    The HMML preserves color digital images of about 220 codexes preserved in Gunda Gunde, pictures taken in 2006 by M. Gervers and E. Balicka-Witakowska. The cataloguing is done by Ted Erho (biblical manuscripts) and Witold Witakoswki.

    - In 2017, a new platform for digitised manuscripts has been created : vHMML. Six new collections of Ethiopian manuscripts are displayed. In Tigray, Dabra Qwayatsa, Gunda Gunde, and the two ancient Gospels of Abba Garima. For Gojjam, Martula Maryam, Mota Giyorgis and Qaranyo are now available.
    Numerous EMML references are also digitised and accessible.
    In June 2017, 2013 codices are available in vHMML.

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