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Medieval epigraphy

  • 19 September 2009 | 15 June 2009

    The 05. Epigraphy resources page by Marc Smith, previously included under Palaeography, provides a basic list and comments concerning sites dedicated to epigraphy, including the essential catalogue of links compiled by the University of Munich.

    It should nevertheless prove useful to give epigraphy its own section, in order to complement the list of online resources with more traditional tools. Resources available on the internet are still scarce and do not yet in themselves make it possible to deal with the whole field of medieval epigraphy.

    These pages will provide information regarding research centres, basic scholarly books and articles in printed form, as well as links to sites with further bibliographies.

    This is a first draft which will be expanded eventually. It does not for the moment deal with particular groups of inscriptions present in the medieval West, such as Greek inscriptions and runes. Nevertheless, bibliographical references on these subjects can be located using the basic works and tools listed here.

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