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United States

  • Ashley Nicole NEWBY, Esther LIBERMAN CUENCA, Maryanne KOWALESKI , 28 August 2018 | 26 July 2015

    Medieval Studies is a thriving field in the United States. This page provides useful links to the over 100 U.S. Archives with medieval holdings, c. 70 Centers and Institutes at U.S. universities and colleges, and over 60 scholarly Societies and Organisations focused on the study of the middle ages in the United States. This page was first compiled in 2010-12 by Jeff Hartman while he was a doctoral student in Medieval Studies at the University of Minnesota. In 2014, the Center for Medieval Studies at Fordham University became a Ménestrel partner and took over maintenance of these sections. The entries in the Centers and Institutes and Societies and Organizations sections were updated (relying in particular on the listings under the Resources section of the website of the Medieval Academy of America, the chief scholarly organization for medievalists in North America) by Esther Liberman Cuenca with the help of Maryanne Kowaleski, who are continuing this work.

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