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Frankfurt am Main

  • Museum der Weltkulturen

    Anaïs WION, 31 July 2013

    (anciennement Museum für Völkerkunde)
    Schaumainkai 29-37
    60594 Frankfurt am Main

    The museum possesses 7 Ethiopian manuscripts et scrolls.

    - SIX, Veronika
    1994 : VOHD XX, 6, pp. 260-277.

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  • Universitätsbibliothek

    Anaïs WION, 11 September 2015 | 31 July 2013

    Bockenheimer Landstraße 134-138
    60325 Frankfurt

    The University Library of Frankfurt holds a precious collection of manuscripts bestowed by the scholar and traveler Eduard Rüppel (1794-1884), who worked in collaboration with Ethiopian scholars particularly to establish a collection of historiographic Ethiopian texts.

    - GOLDSCHMIDT, Lazarus
    1897 : Die Abyssinischen Handschriften der Stadtbibliothek zu Frankfurt am Main (Rüppel’sche Sammlung). Nebst Anhängen und Auszügen verzeichnet und beschrieben, Berlin, Calvary & Co :

    23 manuscripts, among which Rüppel’s samples of short chronicles. All those manuscripts are now digitized and freely accessible.

    - SIX, Veronika
    1994 : VOHD XX, 6, pp. 216-259

    24 manuscripts (including 3 scrolls).

    The library possesses about forty manuscripts. According to Beylot & Rodinson (1995, p. 56), among the manuscripts catalogued by Goldschmidt, five have never been returned to Frankfurt after the Second World War (the Goldschmidt manuscripts 1, 2, 3, 7 and 21). They also take note of the fact that three manuscripts copied in Europe are no more considered as Ethiopian but as related to Ethiopian studies: these are documents of Hiob Ludolf and E. Rüppel which shelfmarks have consequently changed. Generally, shelfmarks have been modified since the cataloging work of Goldshmidt, and concordances were established between the old and the new systems.
    Also see the typescript inventory Manuscripta orientalia in the manuscript reading room where new acquisitions are indicated.

    For manuscripts with decorative elements and paintings :
    - HAMMERSCHMIDT, Ernst & JÄGER, Otto
    1968 : VOHD XV, pp. 56-64, 87-100, 160.

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