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History of war

  • Christophe MASSON, Laure Sigalla, Loïc CAZAUX, 1 October 2018

    Thanks to the successive impetus of the works of researchers such as Jan-Frans Verbruggen,
    Ferdinand Lot, Philippe Contamine or Claude Gaier, to evoke only the franco-belgian sphere
    of authors, the military has recovered its status as a full-fledged research topic. The “New Military History” now combines social, anthropological, institutional, legal, cultural and even technical approaches which allow for an articulation of the “war” phenomenon with the entirety of medieval society. Contrary to what is still sometimes wrongly claimed, experts on the matter do not focus on the “battle” anymore as would generals in a chamber, but make use of armed conflict to uncover tensions and underlying trends which structure society, in this case medieval society.

    The “History of war” section follows that perspective, in a layout that is twofold. First, one finds a presentation of the main related research centers and specialized publications. In a second part, experts will publish articles on various topics currently undergoing research (law, artillery, military society…), therefore also bringing up the tools, whether digital or analog, which are at the disposal of researchers and of a wider public. This section should intrinsically be perpetually evolving and we will naturally welcome with great enthusiasm any offer to work jointly.

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