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Histoire & mesure

  • MÉNESTREL, 14 September 2011 | 18 January 2012

    Annual Journal on print and online
    Editions of the EHESS (the Journal is published with the support of the CNRS); Revue.org: http://histoiremesure.revues.org/
    Languages: French and English
    - from 1986->2000: Tables of content and abstracts
    - from 2001->2006: complete issues online
    - from 2007->2010: for each publication, access via Revues.org to the abstract and the beginning of the text. Complete text available with a subscription or a system of pay per publication on Cairn portal (after 4 years).

    Histoire & Mesure explores the history of statistics and measurement practices, from antique surveying or medieval gauging to contemporary scientific instruments. It also publishes papers using statistical, formal or quantitative methods as a tool for historical research, whatever the period and theme studied. Far from being limited to economic or demographic history, the journal has always been open to cultural and political history, archeology, etc. Refusing to isolate methodology from history, it considers that a reflection on the construction of quantitative tools helps to make a better use of them.


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