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  • Teaching

    Annick GAGNE, Kouky FIANU, Kristin BOURASSA, 7 March 2017

    Undergraduate degrees in Medieval Studies


    Memorial University
    Minor (24 credits) and major (36 credits) in “Medieval Studies,” administerd by the philosophy department.
    The major must be combined with a minor or major in a relevant discipline, while the minor must be combined with a major.


    - Université de Montréal, Centre d’études médiévales
    Minor and major in “Études médiévales”

    - Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
    Minor and Major in “Études médiévales”
    These programs can be combined with a course of study in Classics, Arabic Studies, Literature, History, History of Art, Philosophy, or Anthropology. They also provide an opportunity to study abroad within the framework of the European Diploma in Medieval Studies.


    - Brock University
    Minor, combined major, BA in “Medieval and Renaissance Studies”
    These programs are administered by the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

    - Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa
    Minor and Major in “Études médiévales et de la Renaissance / Medieval and Renaissance Studies”
    _The University of Ottawa operates in a bilingual environment, which enables students to take courses in either English or French and to submit their work in either language (except for in language courses).
    _These programs are combined with a minor or a major in another discipline.

    - University of Toronto – St Michael’s College
    Minor, Major, and Specialization in “Medieval studies.”
    The specialization, thanks to its Latin language requirements, provides excellent preparation for graduate study in the Centre for Medieval Studies.

    - University of Waterloo
    General BA and specialization in “Medieval Studies”
    Medieval Studies are a discipline in their own right, rather than being one element in a combined minor and/or major.

    - Wilfrid Laurier University
    Minor and combined Honours BA in“Medieval Studies”
    _Medievalism (the modern applications of the Middle Ages) is one of the features of its teaching programs.


    - University of Regina
    Major in “Classical and Medieval Studies”
    This program combines classics, including Greek and Latin, with medieval studies.

    - University of Saskatchewan
    BA with Specialization, double major, major, and minor in “Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies”
    These programs emphasize the cultural traditions of the Western world from Ancient Greece to Europe in the 17th century.

    British Columbia

    - University of British Columbia
    Minor and Major in “Medieval Studies”
    The major can be taken alone or can be combined with another major in a complementary major, while the minor must always be combined with a major in another discipline. The goal of the two programs is interdisciplinary training.

    - University of Victoria
    Minor, Major, and Specialization (Honours) in “Medieval Studies”
    These programs provide interdisciplinary training focusing on methods and on the big questions of medieval studies. The major and the minor are combined with a major in another department or another faculty.

    - Simon Fraser University
    Certificate “Medieval and Renaissance Studies”
    The certificate can be taken as an independent program or integrated into a BA with a minor or a major. Students can focus on a particular area or on the whole period.

    Graduate programs

    Some universities also offer graduate programs, whether MA or doctoral, when there is a sufficient number of professors in a given discipline. Consult the websites of the different universities below to learn about the departments (disciplines) offering a relevant graduate program.

    - Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa
    Collaborative MA in “Études médiévales et de la Renaissance / Medieval and Renaissance Studies”
    Students must be admitted into a program in one of the participating departments before entering this collaborative and bilingual program. The curriculum consists of the requirements of the student’s primary program as well as two seminars, one of which operates in a bilingual (French and English) environment.

    - University of Toronto - Centre for Medieval Studies
    MA and PhD in “Medieval Studies”
    Both programs emphasize working in Latin and with medieval documents.

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  • Research

    Annick GAGNE, Kouky FIANU, Kristin BOURASSA, 7 March 2017

    Research takes place within the universities, under the direction of professors who are often funded on the basis of specific research projects. Quebec is the only province with its own research funding program, but all Canadian researchers are able to apply for support at the federal level (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada). The federal government and some provinces (Alberta, Ontario, Quebec) offer scholarships for graduate study. The University of Toronto houses Canada’s only research centre in medieval studies.

    - Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
    The Institute, which was founded in 1929, focuses on the intellectual and material culture of the Middle Ages. It hosts postdoctoral fellows (Licence in Mediaeval Studies and Mellon Fellowships) and publishes academic books as well as an annual journal, Mediaeval Studies Mediaeval Studies, which privileges studies of unedited documents. The Institute also offers a paleography summer school.

    - Research teams and projects
    Thanks to the structure of Canadian research, research teams usually have a relatively long lifespan: they are generally organized around a specific project and funded for a specific period of time.

    - Research funding
    The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada supports individual researchers, whether students or professors, as well as research teams. The SSHRC website includes a search tool on projects funded since 1998. See the discipline “Medieval Studies.”

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