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World maps and medieval maps

  • Emmanuelle VAGNON, 14 September 2016

    Maps in the Middle Ages take various forms and do not follow contemporary cartographical conventions. Moreover, the function of these documents is not only geographical orientation and representation of a specific place or region. Medieval maps are also studied for their artistic qualities, and their use of symbols and visual languages. Thus, they interest the fields of history, geography and history of the arts. Many websites are pointing out medieval maps but they do not often follow an historical and critical perspective.

    Here, we present :
    - places and researchers related to the History of medieval cartography
    - cartographical documents on the web

    N. B. : this article deals only with medieval representations of space. About maps made by historians and cartographical tools of the research, see [Production d’une cartographie des mondes médiévaux>rubrique1621].

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