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  • Miika NORRO, 29 July 2015

    - The National Museum of Finland (Suomen kansallismuseo), Helsinki
    Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
    The National Museum of Finland has many medieval objects in its collections. One of the most famous is the retable of Saint Barbara, attributed to Master Francke, from circa 1415. The webpage of the museum offers useful links to the museums and medieval fortresses in Finland.

    - Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum, Turku
    Languages : Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian
    The Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum presents the ruins of medieval Turku, found in excavations in the 1990s. The medieval history of Finland and the city of Turku are presented in the museum. The other parts of the museum contain a modern art museum.

    The Middle Ages are also present in numerous medieval churches in Finland. Some of the Finnish medieval churches contain also very well preserved mural paintings from the 15th and 16th centuries, and some churches have medieval statues and other objects still in their collections. (For example, the Cathedral of Turku and the churches of Lohja, Hattula, Kalanti, Taivassalo, etc.) Other museums, such as the Sinebrychoff Art Museum) also have collections of medieval objects and statues.

    The Middle Ages are present in the museums of the medieval castles of Finland:

    • The Castle of Turku: A castle from the 13th century. The castle contains a museum presenting the history of the castle and of the city of Turku from the Middle Ages.
    • The Castle of Häme: the castle of Häme dates from the 13th century and houses a museum on the history of the castle and of the city of Hämeenlinna
    • The Castle of Kastelholm: the ruins of a castle from the 14th century, housing a museum on the history of the Åland Islands.
    • The Castle of Olavinlinna : A castle in the town of Savonlinna, build in the end of the 15th century. A new exhibition on the history of the castle was inaugurated in May 2015.

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