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  • Hanno WIJSMAN, 1 January 2020 | 5 February 2009

    This page gives a snapshot of the useful links concerning medieval studies in the Netherlands (including institutions, researchers, particular projects). It also offers the means to access medieval sources preserved in the Netherlands by giving links to archives and libraries and by referencing online sources (catalogues, databases, texts, images).

    We have indicated the languages used in each of the sites. Many are consultable in English. Others are even only available in that language. But note that the English version is often rather brief and that the Dutch version can sometimes offer more information, images, links.

    - Onderzoeksschool mediëvistiek
    Language : Dutch (with some parts in English)
    The medieval research groups of six Dutch universities work together under the umbrella of the Onderzoeksschool mediëvistiek (Netherlands Research School for Medieval Studies). The website of this organisation offers a good starting point for any research query concerning medieval studies in the Netherlands. There is a long page sumarising all specialities and projects in the field of medieval studies present at the six universities. Unfortunately manyof these texts have not been updated since everal years. Another page offers a list of all "regular members", i.e. the professors, lecturers, researchers, postdocs and funded phd-students, working at one of the six universities.

    A very useful introduction to medieval studies in the Netherlands has been written and published online by Arie van Steensel.

    Remarks and suggestions are welcome to help complete this page !

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