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Main sites

  • Middle English Compendium
    Location : University of Michighan.

    The Middle English Compendium includes three sections, all freely available. The Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse (CME) is an important corpus (146 texts), but not friendly. Editions are generally old, the presentation is very brief and there are no links. The Middle English Dictionary (1100-1500) claims to be an exhaustive dictionary. The online version must be regularly updated (but it wasn’t since 2006). Finally, the Hyperbibliography is the list of the texts used for the constitution of the dictionary. One can find the manuscripts and used editions. It can be searched by author, title or keyword.

    TEAMS Middle English Texts (TEAMS)
    Location : University of Rochester.

    This project is very different from the previous one. There are only original editions, also available on paper, with introductions and commentaries. It is regularly updated. Many texts are grouped within two programs, the project Camelot on the Arthurian world and the project Robin Hood, who present textual and iconographical documents as well as bibliographies… These last years, other projects have been added: the Crusades project and the project Visualizing Chaucer.
    There are also many texts not very well known (including, recently, texts in other languages), which are thematically classified - on paper. The edition of these texts is, indeed, an important purpose of the project. Nevertheless, the texts are only presented alphabetically, without their thematic classification, even if we can find many of the groups on the page of the published volumes. The search is, consequently, a bit difficult. Therefore, I have given a thematic presentation of the texts.

    Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL)
    Location : university of Berkeley.

    It is an important site of old editions, and we also find latin and french texts with translations.

    Oxford Text Archive
    Origin : English faculty of Oxford.

    This site is mainly for professors and researchers. It is not easy to use and the texts which are available must be downloaded.

    Christian Classic Ethereal Library (CCEL)
    Origine : Calvin College (Michighan).

    This site houses some english mystical texts of the fourteenth-century, often in very old editions (more recent editions of the great part of these are on TEAMS).

    Aude MAIREY, 13 September 2015 | 30 August 2011
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