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  • Rimvydas PETRAUSKAS, Vytautas VOLUNGEVICIUS, 18 mai 2015 | 27 janvier 2010

    - "Lietuvos istorijos metraštis" (The Year-book of Lithuanian History)
    Published in Lithuanian with summaries in English or German.
    The main scientific annual journal of Lithuanian historians since 1971, publishing research articles, historical sources, book reviews, discussions about academic conferences, ethnological and archaeological expeditions.

    - Lithuanian Historical Studies
    The journal Lithuanian Historical Studies, established in 1996, is an annual historical periodical, publishing articles, research notes, conference reports and book reviews that consider topics related to the history of Lithuania and its relation to other countries. It also provides information about recent publications, important historical sources, scholarly activities and specialist conferences in Lithuania.

    - "Lietuvos istorijos studijos" (The Studies of Lithuanian History)
    Published in Lithuanian with summaries in English.
    The periodical issued by the historians of Vilnius University twice a year. All publications are available online.

    - "Istorija" (History)
    Scientific periodical journal, issued since 1958 in Vilnius. Since 1991 it is being published by the Vilnius Pedagogical University. Issued in four volumes each year. Since 2006 issues are accompanied by a digital version of journal on CD-rom.

    - "Senoji Lietuvos literatūra"
    Continuous publication, issued by the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore since 1992 and publishing studies, articles and old texts. The main object of this continuous publication – the older literature of Lithuania.

    - Lietuvos Metrika (The Lithuanian Metrica)
    The publishing programme of the Lithuanian Metrica, the volumes of the chancery archive of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, is being carried on in the Lithuanian Institute of History and the Vilnius University.

    - "Lietuvos Metrikos naujienos" (News of the Lithuanian Metrica)
    Scientific newsletter, supplement of the Year-book of Lithuanian History (until 2002 a separate scientific newsletter existed). Issued in Lithuanian and Russian since 1997. Gives annotations about published volumes of the Lithuanian Metrica, reviews the newest researches on the Metrica.

    - "Lietuvos magdeburginių miestų privilegijos ir aktai" (Privileges and Acts of the Lithuanian Magdeburgian Towns)
    Issued by the Lithuanian Institute of History since 1991. Continuous publication publishing the privileges and documents concerning the history of Magdeburgian towns in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 2008 six volumes had been published.

    - "Lietuvos miestų istorijos šaltiniai (Sources of Lithuanian Towns History)"
    Continuous publication issued since 1988. Publishes the historical sources and the scientific articles on the history of the towns of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 2001 three volumes had been published.

    - "Istorijos šaltinių tyrimai" (Studies into Historical Sources)
    Continuous publication on research of historical sources issued by the Vilnius University and the Lithuanian Institute of History since 2007. First volume published in 2008.

    - "Lietuvos pilys" (Lithuanian Castles)
    Languages : Lithuanian, English, Russian
    Continuous publication issued since 2004. The main topic of the journal is the history of the castles of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Articles analyse particular objects or groups from different points of view : historical, archaeological, architectural, military. The geographical space of research encompasses the former territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and its objects from 13th to 18th centuries. The questions of cultural heritage are also discussed, especially conservation and representation of historical objects.

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