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Resources online

  • Tania COLWELL, 29 April 2009

    This section provides a selection of Australian links which may be useful for studying the medieval period. Several of the links below may also be found at the following site: ARC Network for Early European Research Web Resources.

    Analytical Guide

    - The Elephant Book (Dianne Tillotson)
    This useful guide is targeted towards students, and aims to help them identify, assess, and analyse online resources. It is particularly focused towards students of medieval culture, but its principles are applicable more broadly.


    - John James’ Medieval Database
    A database of church architecture. It contains a list of parish churches in the Parisian region for the period 1100-1250, and a list of 348 European churches built before 1145 with rib vaulting. The database is currently a work in progress.

    - John James’ Early Gothic Photo Archive
    A photographic database of gothic churches from Durham and the Parisian basin.

    Literature and paleography

    - Medieval English Literature Resources, University of Adelaide
    A guide of international literary resources for students. Includes links to digitised manuscripts and catalogues, publications, and professional associations.

    - Medieval Writing (Dianne Tillotson)
    Very good introduction to medieval paleography. For further details, see the page Sites personnels in the section ’Angleterre médiévale’.

    - Old English Literature and Culture Resources, University of Adelaide
    A guide to international online resources for students of Anglo-Saxon history and literature. Includes links to online editions of texts, digitised manuscript extracts, and information on runes.


    - Medieval Music Database (John Stinson and John Griffiths)
    Extensive database on medieval music hosted by La Trobe University. One can search for information by means of several categories, including Composer, Genre, Manuscript, and Liturgical feast. Includes information on 70 000 works.

    - The Caron Website
    Site dedicated to the work and times of the fifteenth-century composer, Caron. Includes sound-files of selected pieces.

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