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Online resources

  • Slawomir SZYLLER, 20 December 2019 | 7 September 2009


    Language: English
    This is an ongoing collaborative project, which attempts to bring together bibliographic information concerning extant medieval manuscript books (and book fragments) in Polish repositories, to register books of Polish provenance in foreign libraries, and to record all traces of lost (destroyed or missing) manuscript books relative to Polish collections. Provisional version.


    - Herder-Institut - Literaturdokumentation zur Geschichte Ostmitteleuropas
    Languages: German, English, Polish, Czech, Slovak and five other Eastern European languages.
    There is no comprehensive bibliography of the history of Poland available online. To compensate for this lacuna, it is possible to make use of the database of the Herder-Institut which includes more than 730,000 short notices (on books and articles) concerning the history of Eastern Europe.


    - MELITON, Mediewistyka Literacka Online - Medieval Literary Studies Online
    Languages: Polish, English
    A commentated list of links for medievalists. This site includes about 700 addresses, divided into 12 sections, 200 of which are in the section concerning ‘Regional Resources’. Quite useful as a condensed guide for the medievalist on the web.

    - Staropolska - Old Polish Literature
    Languages: Polish, English
    Put together by the same team as Meliton. The English version makes it possible to find articles and translations of Polish texts ranging from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century, although the Polish version is a lot more detailed.

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