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    Emir O. FILIPOVIC, 18 April 2012

    In Bosnia and Herzegovina there are no specific journals dedicated to the history of the Middle Ages, although many historical journals often publish articles, sources and book reviews on medieval topics. Almost every article published in these journals is followed by a short summary in English, German or French.

    - Prilozi
    Published by the Institute for History in Sarajevo, the journal Prilozi (Contributions) publishes articles from a wide range of historical topics and periods. In recent times the journal has an emphasis on subjects from the more recent history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but almost every issue of the journal has at least one article in the field of medieval history.

    - Godišnjak Centra za balkanološka ispitivanja
    The Godišnjak (Yearbook) is published by the Centre for Balcanological research, which is a part of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The previous volumes of the journal have dealt mainly with topics from archaeology, linguistics, anthropology and ethnology, but recently the journal has particularly emphasized publishing historical articles, especially from the medieval period.

    - Glasnik Zemaljskog muzeja – Arheologija
    The Glasnik (Herald) is published by the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo. Just as the Museum is the oldest scientific institution in the country (established in 1888), its journal is the oldest scientific publication with the first volume published in 1889. Since the Bosnian war of the nineties, in the past twenty years, due to financial restrains and unresolved status of the National Museum, the journal has not been issued regularly every year. Nevertheless, medieval history and archaeology are an important part of this respectable publication which was, during one period of its history, one of the leading institutions in the research of medieval Bosnian history. In the last couple of years an initiative has been started to scan and make available digitally the copies of previous issues of the Herald. Some of the back issues can be browsed on the web site of the digital archives of the Sarajevo Mediacentre.

    - Baština
    Baština (Heritage) is the Annual of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It publishes scholarly articles from the field of protection of heritage, as well as history, history of art, archaeology and architecture. Previous issues of the journal have dealt with the medieval heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the medieval tombstones (stećci), and the medieval fortress of Jajce, in particular.

    - Bosna Franciscana
    Bosna Franciscana is published by the Franciscan Theological Faculty in Sarajevo. It is, strictly speaking, a theological journal, but almost in every volume it publishes articles and book reviews dealing with the medieval history of Bosnia.

    - Građa o prošlosti Bosne
    Građa o prošlosti Bosne (Sources for the History of Bosnia) is published by the Section of Social Sciences of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republic of Srpska in Banja Luka. It is a yearly journal with the aim to publish historical sources from the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first three volumes, starting with volume I in 2008, have been, in fact, exclusively devoted to publishing source materials from the medieval period.

    - Stari srpski arhiv
    Stari srpski arhiv (The Old Serbian Archive) is a journal resulting from collaboration of a number of different institutions over the years, of which the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade is the principal one, joined by, among others, the Faculty of Philosophy of Banja Luka and the Historical archives in Čačak. It publishes historical sources from the history of medieval Serbia, but the previous issues, starting with volume I in 2002, have also regularly published sources from medieval Bosnian history as well. The journal has a concept whereby one historical document, most of the times this is a charter or letter issued by royalty or nobility, is treated and carefully analysed in one article. These articles provide information on previous editions of the document, they give its physical description, provide a good photographic reproduction, give a transcription and a translation of the document, as well as a short historical commentary. The same concept was implemented in the sister journal Građa o prošlosti Bosne published in Banja Luka.

    - Istorijski časopis
    Istorijski časopis (Historical Review) is published by the Historical Institute in Belgrade. The journal deals with a wide scope of historical topics and generally covers the period until the end of the First World War in 1918. Its first volume was issued in 1948, and the history of medieval Bosnia featured in some of the subsequent volumes but not as prominently as in the last two decades. The back issues can be downloaded from the website of the Institute (which will be available in the course of 2012).

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