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  • - Journal of Medieval Latin (1991-)
    This annual journal, dedicated to the study of medieval Latin, reflects the world-leading status of the University of Toronto in training and research within this discipline. The journal publishes articles dedicated to the discovery, edition, translation, language, or interpretation of medieval Latin texts. Issues from 1991 on are made available online on the journal’s website three years after their paper publication date.

    - Mediaeval Studies (1939-)
    Published annually by the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, this journal focuses on editions of texts, articles on edited or non-edited texts, and short articles about medieval documents. The journal is not available online, but its website contains an index of issues 1-75 (1039-2013) organized by author or by edited text.

    - Memini – Travaux et documents (1997-)
    Published annually by the Société des études médiévales du Québec, the journal produces both themed and non-themed issues. It reflects the research being carried out in Quebec or by researchers who have presented their work in Quebec. Issues 11-15 (2007-16) are available online, and digitization of earlier issues is ongoing.

    - Florilegium (1979-)
    Founded by Carleton University (Ottawa), the journal is now the primary publication of the Canadian Society of Medievalists. It focuses on interdisciplinary articles, the exploration of new methods, and medievalism. The website provides online access to all but the most recent volume, which is always put online a year after its publication.

    Annick GAGNE, Kouky FIANU, Kristin BOURASSA, 7 March 2017
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