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Historical journals

  • Jacques BERLIOZ, 22 February 2011 | 7 September 2009

    - Revue historique vaudoise (Vaudois Historical Review)
    Language: French
    This journal, which was founded in 1893, became the annual journal of the Society for the History and Archaeology of the Canton of Vaud in 1902, which also publishes it.
    This journal, which is aimed at a popular audience, has since 2003 taken a new editorial line, which ‘intends to take a role in current debate and in historical research, by providing opportunities for reflection and opportunities for publication at a level which meets with the scholarly and technical demands of the present day’.
    The site does not offer online consultation of article, or even abstracts of them. However, it is possible to consult the contents page of each issue. The site provides links to other sites: societies of archaeology and history, professorial chairs, and different organisations of an historical bent (archives, heritage protection, etc.)
    A search engine is provided which makes it possible to find the references of specific articles.
    It is possible to submit thematic dossiers, articles or reviews by mail or email to the editorial committee.

    - Revue historique neuchâteloise (RHN - Neuchâtel Historical Review)
    Language: French
    Journal founded in 1864, under the name Musée neuchâteloise. The RHN is dedicated to the history of the region of Neuchâtel and the Jura. Aiming to reconcile scholarly standards with an approach which is as accessible as possible, it is addressed to a broad public interested in history and archaeology. Three or four issues are published each year, to a total of between 200 and 250 pages with illustrations, including articles, reviews and bibliographical notices written mostly by professional historians. The site of the RHN provides access to the content of publications in the journal since 1995 and gives direct access to some bibliographical notices. It also offers a short introduction to the editorial committee, as well as practical information necessary to subscribe or to buy individual issues. Ultimately, the contents pages of older issues will be included. The site provides links to the sites for the cantons of Neuchâtel and Jura, also some other Swiss history sites. Kept well up-to-date.

    - Revue suisse d’histoire (RSH – Swiss Historical Review)- Schweizerische Zeitschrit für Geschichte (SZG) - Rivista Storica Svizzera (RSS)
    Languages: French, German
    The relevant site is that of the Swiss Historical Society (Société suisse d’histoire). This society has published a quarterly review since 1921. It publishes original studies on general history in German, French and Italian. Each article is preceded by an abstract translated into one of the national languages. The journal is particularly concerned with reviews. Starting in 1995, it also publishes regular thematic editions, and provides a debates forum on Swiss historical subjects. The journal website allows the user to consult a list <URL 5> of all the articles which have appeared in the review since 1951: this page is very useful for finding articles, since there are a number of possible search fields. Alongside the more specific fields (author, title, year or number of the article), it is possible to widen the search of the articles by using more general criteria (period, theme, genre, geography, country, canton or language). It should be borne in mind that the journal publishes articles covering a vast historical period, from Prehistory to contemporary history. The downside is that the articles are not directly available online.

    The Links section of the site is very full: it includes sections on the Swiss Historical Society, institutes of history and universities in Switzerland, student history associations, historical societies in Switzerland, selected links concerning history in Switzerland and international history

    - Storia delle Alpi - Histoire des Alpes - Geschichte der Alpen (Alpine History)
    Language: Italian, English
    Storia delle Alpi is an annual journal, published by the Associazione internazionale per la Storia delle Alpi. It contains articles in French, Italian and German. Abstracts of the articles are printed in English. In this excellent internet site, it is possible to consult the journal’s list of publications. A search engine makes it possible to find the desired articles. It is not possible to read the texts in their entirety, but one can access the article abstracts in English and the thematic bibliographies which the journal provides. Many links are provided to a large number of institutions which work in the area of Alpine history. The links are divided up by theme: Historical institutes (many addresses in Austria, Italy, France, Germany and Slovenia), archival centres situated in the Alpine arc, interdisciplinary Alpine research (research centres, foundations). It is possible to order the journal’s publications from the site.
    It is possible to contact the editorial staff of the journal by email. Anyone can make an active contribution to the journal by sending an article.

    - Traverse, Historical Journal (Traverse, Revue d’histoire; Traverse, Zeitschrift für Geschichte)
    Languages: German, French
    The journal has come out three times a year with the publishing house Chronos, Zurich. In the internet site, it is possible to consult the journal’s list of publications, but since there is no search engine, it is not easy to find specific articles.
    The journal would like to be a forum for historical research in Switzerland, with a horizon extending beyond the frontiers of the country and beyond the indisciplinary boundaries of history. But although the editorial team can be contacted by email, there is no web forum on the site.
    Abstracts of the articles are available online, as are links to other publications by the same author. The contents page of each issue can be consulted, although no article is available online. It is possible to subscribe to the journal through the website and to order copies of back issues. The editorial committee is a legally constituted body and is one section of the Swiss Historical Society.

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