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Sites professionnels et associatifs

  • Arnaud BAUDIN, 16 November 2011

    - 1 égal 2, multimedia graphic communications agency, has posted some of the databases archived for the exhibition Sceaux et usages de sceaux, presented in 2003, by the "Archives départementales de l’Aube".

    - Jean-Luc CHASSEL, associate professor at the University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defense and vice-president of the "Société française d’Héraldique et de Sigillographie", fills a thematic gallery of images of seals (kings, bishops, princes and lords, monasteries, cities, citizens and peasants, etc..) which is a valuable resource of 174 items.

    - Sigillo’web is a collective web site dedicated to medieval and modern seals of Flanders, Artois and Hainault, including cities of Cambrai and Tournai. The inventory concerns seal impressions preserved in public and private collections.

    - Scel’Art, sigillography private workshop specializing in the restoration of medieval waxes, fingerprinting and reproduction of casts, works in partnership with many archives. Database SPHRAGIS, accessible to researchers, offers 67,000 records of seals.

    - Medieval Writing is the personal web site of John Tillotson, professor of medieval history at the University of Canberra. As its name suggests, this website focuses mainly on the written documents of the Middle Ages, paleography, chanceries, illuminations, etc. A page, devoted to the seals, gives access to subfolders by categories of owners of seals.

    - The document portal of Philip and Harold Mernick gathers several web sites devoted to the iconic story of Anglo-Saxon world. One of them, entitled Great Seals of Britain, provides access to images of seals of English, Scottish and Irish sovereigns from the Middle Ages to George VI.

    - This beautiful Italian web site dedicated to Frederick II devotes one of its pages to the use of the seal in Antiquity and the Middle Ages and has several pictures of the seals of this Holy Roman Emperor.

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