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  • Aude MAIREY, 23 August 2011

    De Re Militari : Society for medieval military history
    Origin : International scholarly society, which organizes conferences and publishes an annual journal (The Journal of Medieval Military History).

    This site offers various online resources (sources, bibliography, studies, links…) on medieval war, not only in the British Isles. They are organised by type of resource, by geographical area and by theme.

    The Electronic Grosseteste (International Grosseteste Society)
    Origin : Association between the British Library the University of St-Louis.
    Director : J.R. Ginther (université de St-Louis).

    This society is dedicated to the digitalization of the works of the theologian Robert Grosseteste. There are also a biography and a bibliography.

    The Lollard Society
    Origin : International scholarly society (especially English and American).

    This site is dedicated to the lollard heresy, the only English heresy of the Middle Ages. It includes a comprehensive bibliography of sources and studies, online articles, links to other sites and the actualities of the society.

    The Richard III Society
    Origin : The society was created in 1924 to reevaluate the place of Richard III, who reigned between 1483 and 1485, in English history. Today, it is an important fundation which has sections in nearly all anglo-saxon countries.

    One can find informations on the very controversial Richard III (biography, bibliography, studies, links…), as well as on the projects and realisations of the society.

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