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Societies and Associations

  • Henning LAUGERUD, 24 January 2010 | 16 June 2009

    European Network on the Instruments of Devotion – ENID
    Language: English
    ENID is an international research network coordinated from the University of Bergen, Norway. ENID focuses on the instrumentality of Christian piety and devotional practices, from 14th century ‘Devotio Moderna’ to Vatican II in the 20th century.
    The research of ENID is concerned with the instrumental aspects of Christian piety and devotional practices, from the 14th to the 20th century.
    Though piety, ‘pietas’ or ‘devotio’, is the main focus, what especially interests the research within ENID is how it was practiced, the ‘praxis pietatis’, and what instruments were used to shape, intensify and express both individual and collective piety: books, pictures, devotional objects, music, liturgies and actions. Through the interchange of ideas, sharing of knowledge and critical discourse, the cross disciplinary research of ENID aims at gaining a deeper insight into the mechanisms of piety and devotion, in order to understand the phenomena and their instruments as essential features in the religious and cultural development of Europe.

    Collegium Medievale: Society for Medieval Research
    Languages: Norwegian and English.
    This is an interdisciplinary association for scholars engaged in research on the Middle Ages. The association has its basis in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Oslo but is also open to members from other research milieus either Norvegian or foreign. is a gateway to information about fieldwork, projects, publications, networks and other activities that revolve around current research on ancient Tegea. The primary target of this page is to provide easy access to information about ongoing and previous archaeological fieldwork in the ancient city and its surrounding landscape. is also the official webpage of the research network Memory and the mediterranean regions (MEMER) aimed at the study of peripheral Mediterranean and middle eastern regions and their place in past and present cultural memory. This includes medieval and early modern Greek archeology.

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