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Societies and associations

  • Associations

    Jacques BERLIOZ, 15 November 2010 | 7 September 2009

    - Archéologie Suisse (Swiss Archaeological Society)

    Languages: German, French
    Archéologie Suisse is open to anyone interested in archaeology in Switzerland. Through its publications, and also through excursions, taught courses and lectures, its members are provided with essential grounding, and kept up to date with current research, in prehistoric, ancient and early medieval archaeology in Switzerland. The main aims of Archéologie Suisse are to bring together all those interested in Swiss archaeology, professionals and amateurs, and to ‘contribute to research into Swiss archaeological heritage’.
    The site includes a very precise description of all the organisations involved in the association, with a portrait and the contact details of its members (click here). There is a news section, which is regularly updated. Another section presents the publications of the association (although some of the pages are still under construction) which can be obtained by means of an online order form. The link page provides access to a number of small sites dedicated to various work groups concerned with Swiss archaeology. As a general rule, the site is very well structured, easy to navigate and pleasant to look at. A web forum makes it possible for the reader to participate. The site also provides a very useful search engine which, through a little advertising, permits the visitor to read summaries of articles in the Revue d’archéologie suisse (which can also be ordered online). The search engine works in German and in French, although not all the articles are available in the two languages.

    - Association of Swiss Archivists (AAS)
    Languages: German, French, Italian
    This site provides a calendar of the association’s activities, interesting pages on the profession of archivist, and on training to be an archivist (in German only) as well as links to various archival research engines. The AAS (Association des Archivistes Suisses) publishes the journal Arbido. Also very useful is a list of addresses of the offices of archives in Switzerland. The presentation has been carefully considered and it is easy to find one’s way around. The contact details of the members of the association are available under the rubric ‘Activités’.

    - History and Computing Association (HI)
    Languages: German, French
    This association ‘aims to promote the qualified and appropriate use of computing in historical research, training and documentation.’
    The site in three languages contains information concerning the organisation of the association with the names (and the Internet addresses) of its members as well as abstracts in pdf form of published works. There is also a list of links and a ‘members’ section. The site is quick and simple to use.

    - Swiss Castles and Ruins Association – Schweiserischen Burgenverein
    Language: German
    The design is good. This association is dedicated to medieval culture and encourages research into medieval fortified places, churches and centres of habitation. It publishes a quarterly journal Moyen Âge, which is downloadable (since 1996).

    - Association for the Study of Regional History (AEHR)
    Language: French
    The AEHR (Association pour l’Étude de l’Histoire Régionale) brings together professional historians with many different specialisms. It currently has more than 60 members, specialised in every aspect of regional history. It also aims to develop links between historians and the public by various means: books, plaques, films, exhibitions, conferences, etc. The website provides information about the association and its publications. The members are listed, but their contact details are not provided. The site, which is available only in French, serves essentially as a shop window for the association and is not in itself a useful research tool. That said, it is updated regularly.

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  • Learned societies in Switzerland

    Jacques BERLIOZ, 10 March 2015 | 7 September 2009

    - List of Learned Societies on the Site of the Swiss Academy of Human and Social Sciences
    Languages: German, French
    The ASSH (Académie Suisse des Sciences Humaines et Sociales) is an organisation which brings together 54 learned societies. From literature to theology, via communication studies and ethnology, the member societies cover a wide variety of disciplines. The ASSH serves as a platform for common projects and to distribute research results within the research community. The ASSH dedicates part of its budget to encourage activities which support the social and human sciences in Switzerland. Although the means at its disposition are relatively modest, the ASSH defends in particular a policy of support based on the promotion and presence of women in academic milieu. The ASSH regularly organises public meetings and round tables on a variety of current themes.

    - Mémoires d’ici (‘Memories of here’)
    Language: French
    Mémoires d’ici conserves and promotes the cultural and historical heritage of the Bern Jura region’
    This pleasantly designed site offers a mass of information. Despite its polished presentation, with images, plans and photos, it is easy to navigate. The website is updated on a regular basis. One criticism only: the site is only available in French. A catalogue, which is quick and easy to use, provides access to the library of the research centre. Mémoires d’ici also provides access to the parish registers of the Jura in the region of Berne and Bienne. One page provides directions to visit the centre and consult them. Moreover, the site provides online access to interesting dossiers on the history of the Berne Jura. A very good site, highly useful and very well put together.

    - Swiss Heraldic Society (Société suisse d’Héraldique; Schweizerische Heraldische Gesellschaft; Società Svizzera di Araldica - SSH, SHG, SSA)
    Languages: German, French, Italian
    This site makes it possible to order the weekly bulletin of the Swiss Heraldic Association. The site is available in all three national languages. Unfortunately all the information provided is for a fee, and there is little to download. The quality of the site’s graphics is very poor (no images, rough presentation). The links provided are interesting, however, as is the international coverage of the site.

    - Swiss Historical Society (Société suisse d’Histoire; Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Geschichte; Società Svizzera di Storia - SGG, SSH, SSS)
    Languages: German, French

    On 7 April 2001, the Swiss Historial Society took the place of the General Swiss Historical Society (Société générale suisse d’histoire – SGSH); in this role, it is the primary point of contact and source of information for current events and publications in the historical sciences in Switzerland.

    The site provides online access to the most recent issues of the Revue Suisse d’Histoire (Swiss Historical Review) which provides information on various conferences and meetings. The visitor can also access a database which provides information on all the undergraduate dissertations and theses currently in progress or recently completed in Swiss universities in the fields of history, legal history, ecclesiastical history and the history of medicine from the winter semester 2000-2001 up until the summer semester 2005. Another database consists of an index to the Revue Suisse d’Histoire. The website of the society also includes a section on ‘Archives’ with accounts of the most recent events, and also a page with many useful links. The organisational schema of the society gives information on the people who make it work and provides their contact details. The web page of the Swiss Historical Society is unfortunately not provided in all three national languages, but is only available in German and in French.

    - Swiss Numismatic Society (Société Suisse de Numismatique; Schweizerische Numismatische Gesellschaft; Società Svizzera di Numismatica)
    Languages: Site in German only, although the welcome page is available in French, English, Italian and German
    Panorama of numismatics in Switzerland. Information on the activities of the society and details of the publications Revue Suisse de Numismatique et Gazette numismatique Suisse. Some downloads possible. Interesting links.

    - Society for the History of Francophone Switzerland (Société d’histoire de la Suisse romande - SHSR)
    Language: French

    The Society for the History of Francophone Switerland encourages original historical and archaeological research concerning Francophone Switzerland. It publishes or assists with the publication of works of history and archaeology which improve knowledge of the past of Francophone Switzerland and of regions linked to it.

    The site includes a list of the society’s publications, which can be ordered online. There is also a page illustrating the structure of the SHSR and information on how to become a member (online membership form). One page also gives details on forthcoming activities (unfortunately not kept up to date) and also some useful links for the websites of other Swiss learned societies. The site is straightforward and easy to use, but the resources which it offers are relatively limited. It is above all a shop window for the Society for the History of Francophone Switzerland, rather than a true research tool. The site is only available in French.

    - Society for the History and Archaeology of the Canton of Neuchâtel (Société d’histoire et d’archéologie du canton de Neuchâtel – SHAN)
    Language: French
    The society’s directing committee organises academic conferences and events – guided tours, lectures, excursions – and publishes a series on the history of Neuchâtel. The society also manages donated funds, the revenues from which are dedicated to the distribution of prizes in the fields of history, literature and painting. The site is dedicated for the most part to the activities of the society. It takes little time to find one’s way through this site, which is quick and simple to use. It is not updated regularly.

    - Society for the History and Archaeology of the Vaud (Société vaudoise d’histoire et d’archéologie)
    Language: French

    Founded on 3 December 1902, the Society for the History and Archaeology of the Vaud is open to everybody. The Society presents itself as apolitical, but participates in debate about Vaudoise identity and supports research. The only historical society concerned with the canton, it is an organisation with some influence. It was founded in preparation for the festivities to mark the first centenary of the existence of the canton of Vaud, to which it made a direct contribution. The Society currently boasts a little more than 850 members, from a wide variety of backgrounds, occasional amateurs as much as the interested, teachers, students, and professionals drawn from heritage management, and representatives of the communal and cantonal authorities, public and private institutions.

    Search facilities for the general contents of the Revue historique vaudoise, 1893-1952, et from 1953 to the present day. Although the journal itself is not digitised. Some links.

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