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Online Sources

  • Hanno WIJSMAN, 1 January 2020 | 5 February 2009

    Like in other countries, many initiatives exist in the Netherlands to publish ressources online. Here follows a small sélection of links, but others exist, among which certain are mentioned in the other articles of this web page.

    - Bifolium
    Languages: partly in English, partly in Dutch

    • Founded in 1983 by the regretted Jos Hermans, Bifolium was during 24 years a semestrial newsletter of four pages (two folios) on activities, exhibitions, new publications, symposiums, etc. in the field of medieval books in the Netherlands and abroad. The 49e and last number on paper apeared in 2007 ; since 2008 Bifolium has continued online.

    - Digitale Bibliotheek der Nederlandse Letteren
    Language: Dutch
    The digital library of Dutch letters: a handsome site dedicated to Dutch literature of every era.

    • For the middle ages and the sixteenth century, there are currently plus de 150 texts from various genres, which can be downloaded. These texts come from annotated critical editions. Modern studies are made available on-line as well.
    • A selection of specialist articles in Dutch is also available under the rubric ‘The Middle Ages in 100 articles’.

    - Erasmus Centre for Early Modern Studies
    Languages: Dutch, English

    - The Narrative Sources of the Medieval Low Countries
    Languages: Dutch, English
    Online database of narrative sources for the Low Countries in the Middle Ages. It is the result of a Flemish/Dutch collaborative project.

    - An educational site on the history of Dutch literature
    Language: Dutch
    A handsome educational site, put together with secondary schools in mind, dedicated to Dutch literature in the middle ages. It provides information about the scriptorium, authors, texts, patrons, and so forth.

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