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  • Jacques BERLIOZ, 15 November 2010 | 3 June 2009

    Under the direction of Jacques BERLIOZ
    Director of the Ecole nationale des chartes, Paris
    University of Fribourg, Faculty of Letters, Medieval History

    Project conceived and undertaken by Laura BORN, Christine DALLIARD, Fabrizio LARDI, Nicolas MARADAN, Sebastiano MAZZOLA, Nicolo PARENTE, Gregor PATT, Caterina PEDRIOLI, Donato SANI, Michèle STEINER

    Texts revised and corrected in 2008 by Anne-Angélique Andenmatten, Loïc Bersier, David Carpataux, Liliana Da Silva, Aurélie Emonet, Sophie Geneux, Viviana, Gnesa Arnaud Maret, Fabien Poretti, Remi Quentin, Angélique Rime, Céline Rossoz, Ivana Santor, Francesca Sartore, Damien Savoy, Igor Zellweger.

    This guide, which provides a critical commentary on interesting ‘medieval’ links and resources available online, was produced in the course of the student seminar ‘Information technology and text editing’ given by Jacques Berlioz, director of research at CNRS, at the university of Fribourg, Switzerland (Faculty of Letters, Department of Medieval and Modern History and Auxiliary Historical Sciences) during the second semester of the academic year 2005-2006.
    When the web portal Ménestrel was presented to the students, in the first seminar of the semester, as part of a general introduction to research sites in medieval history, it became apparent that Switzerland was not present amongst the countries whose links and resources for medieval history had been presented. It was thus decided by common accord to correct this lacuna by compiling the missing guide. This project was received enthusiastically by Ménestrel (without a formal engagement, naturally) and the active support of Swiss colleagues (Franco Morenzoni, Professor of History at the university of Geneva, for example).
    The dozen or so students, speaking a number of different first languages (German, French, Italian) in the first instance trained their critical faculties by consulting and analysing a broad variety of different sites (archives, libraries, museums etc.) They then, in the seminar and with the professor, compiled a critical analysis of the sites : [ Télécharger PDF - 28.6 ko ] , classed according to their content and their objectives (university websites; sites run by archives, libraries or museums; sites of journals and learned societies). Thus prepared on the theoretical level, they produced, on their own or in groups of two, a guide to the sites, dividing up the material by theme (university sites in German, sites in French, archives, libraries, museums, etc.). For each site they had to provide: its title, its address, the language or languages used, and a brief but critical analysis of its content. The project took one month to complete. A session to perfect the site (1 hour) was subsequently organised: each student (or group of students) presented their work and received questions and remarks of their fellow students and of the professor. The job of preparing these different contributions for the internet was passed on to the professor, who compiled them and, where necessary, completed them. A provisional version of this guide was submitted to a number of colleagues and doctoral students (Fr. Morenzoni, Florian Defferrard, Agostino Paravicini Bagliani, Alain Guerreau, Yann Dahhaoui), who corrected it and augmented it. The final version was committed to the editorial team of Ménestrel.
    The updating of this site will be undertaken annually by students in the seminar of Jacques Berlioz, at the beginning of the teaching programme, as an exercise. This will include the verification of the sites, notification of any changes, and searching for new sites. Such new information as thus comes into the hands of Jacques Berlioz will then by taken into consideration.

    One fundamental research tool is the Dictionnaire historique de la Suisse (DHS).
    The Internet site of the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland has had a new look since May 2006. The presentation is now based on that of the printed edition. The structure of the site and its functions underline the multilingualism of the project. Half of the 36,000 articles it includes are available online for free. The Dictionary offers facilities to search for specific articles, and a full text search.

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