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Middle English Texts

  • Aude MAIREY, 13 September 2015 | 30 August 2011

    My classification can obviously be discussed - categories are shifting - but my aim is essentially pragmatic.

    Note on TEAMS’ groups

    The links refer to general introductions, when they exist. The texts which are not in a thematic group are listed separately.

    For the texts on Robin Hood, see the site of the project Robin Hood - note that many texts on Robin are post-medieval or in French.

    Lastly, for the arthurian texts, which again does not all date from the medieval period, see the project Camelot ; one can find there, besides a list by author, a classification by character, by place and by theme.

    These two projects include also general presentations, links to other resources, as well as an abundant modern iconography.

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