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Textes en moyen anglais

  • My classification can obviously be discussed - categories are shifting - but my aim is essentially pragmatic.

    Note on TEAMS’ groups

    The links refer to general introductions, when they exist. The texts which are not in a thematic group are listed separately.

    For the texts on Robin Hood, see the site of the project Robin Hood - note that many texts on Robin are post-medieval or in French.

    Lastly, for the arthurian texts, which again does not all date from the medieval period, see the project Camelot ; one can find there, besides a list by author, a classification by character, by place and by theme.

    These two projects include also general presentations, links to other resources, as well as an abundant modern iconography.

    Aude MAIREY, 13 September 2015 | 30 August 2011
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