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Textes en vieil anglais

  • • Numerous texts are referenced on Labyrinth.

    Electronic Ælfric Project
    Origin: National Endowment for Humanities, Washington D.C.

    This website proposes an electronic editions of the main texts of Ælfric (Xth century). Unfortunately, there is only a short introduction at the moment.

    Electronic Beowulf
    Author: K. Kindman.

    Transcription and translation of Beowulf (VIIIth century), the most known epic poem. It is also found on Internet Medieval Sourcebook, in Klaeber’s edition with a translation of F. Gummere.

    We can also mention :

    • Anglo-Saxon Laws (560-975), Internet Medieval Sourcebook, in a modernized version by professor Arkenberg.

    • The Codex Junius, which includes poems on Genesis, Exodus, Daniel, Christ and Satan (VIIth-Xth centuries), OMACL, translation from G. W. Kennedy (1916).

    • The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, OMACL, translation made in 1823 by the reverend J. Ingram.

    • Anthology of Old English texts of the thirteenth century (a bestiary, sermons from Kent, king Alfred’s proverbs, religious poems), CME, éd. R. Morris, 1872.

    Finally, note the existence of the blog The Anglo-Saxon Narrative Poetry Project of Aaron Hostetter, which offers numerous translations and some useful links.

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