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Bilingual university (Freiburg)

  • Jacques BERLIOZ, 15 November 2010 | 6 September 2009

    - Fribourg University (UNIFR)
    Fribourg (canton of Fribourg), Switzerland
    Languages: French and German, with much material in English
    The site of the Faculty of Letters was redesigned in February 2008

    - Chair of General and Swiss Medieval History

    Presentation of associated academics and their research interests, list of their publications, information concerning research projects, list of interesting links for students of medieval history. Possibility to download documents for courses offered.

    - Institute of Medieval Studies
    Languages: French, German, English
    An interdisciplinary institute which depends from the Faculty of Letters; the institute coordinates research concerning the Middle Ages.
    Excellent presentation of the professors who are members of the institute and of their domains; information concerning the research projects of the Institute and of conferences organised by it; information concerning the certificate in Medieval Studies and the doctoral training organised by the institute.

    - Chair of Medieval Latin and the Auxiliary Historical Sciences
    This department is part of the Faculty of Letters. Presentation of associated academics and their research interests; lists of their publications, information concerning their research projects; facsimiles and transcriptions of Franz Steffens, Paléographie latine are available free online; it is possible to do palaeographical exercises with these texts. In cooperation with the abbatial library of St Gall, the Chair provides free access to the medieval manuscripts of this library in a virtual library with excellent resolution. (consult).

    - Chair of Early Christian and Byzantine Archaeology
    Language: French only
    Chair of the History of Art
    Department of Ancient Science

    - Chair of ‘Germanistischen Mediävistik’
    Language: German only
    This Chair is part of the ‘Department für Germanistik’ of the Faculty of Letters. Presentation of academic staff, information on conferences organised by the Chair. List of internet links, information concerning research projects. Detailed information on current research projects.

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