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  • Jacques BERLIOZ, 15 November 2010 | 6 September 2009

    With regards to medieval history, Swiss university websites in French do not contain very much useful information. They are simple university sites, which students can use to find general details on their academic staff, their courses, their research and publications. The best francophone site in Switzerland is certainly that of the university of Fribourg, a bilingual university. Indeed, this site provides a wide variety of information concerning administration, academic staff, the department, publications, and links to other sections. One of the weak points of these sites is the absence of an area offering free access to teaching materials, to downloadable courses in unencrypted form, to books or photocopies, plans, projects and other materials which might interest students. It is difficult to find material for online learning.
    The sites of the German-speaking universities (Zurich, and Fribourg which is in part a German language university) are certainly far fuller.

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