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  • Erytrea has no National Library, and its main library is the one of Asmara university but it does not seem to possess manuscripts.

    Catholic congregations who were for more than a century setlled in Eritrea did have manuscripts but nowadays all of them are kept in Europe. This is the case of the important collection of the Combonian Congregation, kept in the Vatican library.

    - CONTI ROSSINI, Carlo
    1904 : « I manoscritti etiopici della missione cattolica di Cheren », Rendiconti della Reale Academia de Lincei, 13, p. 233-86.

    The only project of cataloguing manuscripts in the monastic libraries of Eritrea was done by an Italian team between 1991, date of the country independance, and 1998, when the conflict with ethiopia started again.

    - BAUSI, Alessandro
    1994-1998: «Su alcuni manoscritti presso comunità monastiche dell’Eritrea», Rassegna di Studi Etiopici, 38 (1994 [1996]), pp. 13-69 [I. Däbrä Maryam]; ibid. 39 (1995 [1997]), pp. 25-48 [II. Däbrä Bizan]; ibid. 41 (1997 [1998]), pp. 13-56 [III. Däbrä Libanos. Däbrä Abunä Besu‘ä Amlak. Däbrä Märqorewos].

    - LUSINI, Gianfrancesco
    1998: «Scritture documentarie etiopiche. (Dabra Dehuhan e Dabra Sege, Sara’e, Eritrea)», Rassegna di Studi Etiopici, 42, p. 5-56.

    Anaïs WION, 1 August 2013
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