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  • Miika NORRO, 26 July 2015

    Medieval studies have developed considerably for at least the last fifteen years. Research on medieval topics is carried out in the majority of Finland’s universities, and two centres of research in the universities of Turku and Tampere have intensified research on the Middle Ages. Finnish medievalists are active in the international debate, spending time abroad in research stays and contributing in international conferences and other meetings. A great number of international conferences, colloquia, seminars and workshops are also organised in Finland every year. Finnish medievalists publish most of their articles and monographs in international series, especially in English.

    This page offers you useful information and links for getting to know research on medieval topics carried out in Finland. There are links for the pages of the various universities and research centres, as well as of museums, archives, libraries and series that can be useful in order to learn about Middle Ages in Finland and Finnish medievalists and their subjects of research.

    This section was created in 2009 by Hannele Klemettilä and has been continued, augmented and translated in English in July 2015 by the current author.

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