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Medieval British Isles

  • Aude MAIREY, 22 July 2013 | 15 June 2009

    Originally centered on medieval England, this page extends now to all British Isles. It includes both sites concerned with the history of England and sites which provide online documents, although the two of course often overlap.

    Sites providing research tools (notably concerning the medieval manuscripts resources of libraries, by Marc Smith) are listed first.
    With regards to thematic or multi-theme sites, besides the sites which propose great corpus of sources, the selection has been consciously restricted to sites which have in common the desire to put medieval sources, whether textual or visual, at the disposal of the public, preferably with developed critical apparatus. There are also some databases. Some sites are organised around a manuscript (the Aberdeen project) or a body of work (that of Robert Grosseteste, for example), others concentrate on a notable individual (Richard III) or a movement (lollard heresy); others aim to provide access to a far larger corpus and are often in the course of construction (the corpus of Romanesque sculpture, for example). The approaches taken by the creators of these sites are often very varied, even though, in most cases, they include a bibliography and links to other websites. But it is this very diversity of approach which has drawn my attention, in that it makes it possible to grasp the richness of the sources themselves and the manner in which the historian (or the art historian, or historian of literature) chooses to deal with them.
    Finally, under the rubric ‘English literatures’ (unfortunately, I know no Gaelic), it can be seen that the most important texts and text corpora in Middle English are available online for free (worth noting, since many sites are restricted in their access), as are introductions to several authors.
    This section now benefits from the assistance of Alban Gautier, who notably wrote a great article on anglo-saxon charters.

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