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Monde animal

  • Baudouin VAN DEN ABEELE, 21 January 2015 | 15 June 2009

    Although the animal world is a burgeoning subject in current medieval studies, producing a whole series of publications, the web has only very few sites that offer a clear investigation of this subject, either in terms of content or depth. Most sites offer mainly a general collection of illuminations, including the animal world among other subjects.
    In addition to this site, it might be useful to consult the page Sciences et techniques by Pierre Portet. The bibliography by E. Baratay and J.-L. Mayaud, ‘L’histoire de l’animal. Bibliographie’, Cahiers d’Histoire, 1997-3/4 is online (see). The index is by proper names and themes (animal names).
    A dictionary project about animals in medieval literature, Animaliter, has been launched by the University of Mainz, under the direction of Sabine Obermaier.

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